Mining Equipment Covers

Custom Solutions for Mining & Earth Moving Equipment

After 21 years in the Pilbara we are committed to the Mining, Oil and Gas and Marine Operations community in the North and the City of Perth. We are diverse in the work we do whether it is manufacturing Heavy duty covers for equipment stored in laydown areas or manufacturing document holders and crib bags. We custom make our items to suit our clients needs. Machine covers , shipping container covers, skip bin covers, dropped object mats, padded work mats, crib bags, tool bags, mail bags, document holders, PVC and canvas tarpaulins, PVC spill containment bunds, canvas seat covers, welding screens, covers for winch and rope holders, PVC curtains for Forklifts, 4wd and trailer canopies

Mining Equipment Covers

Protecting your mining equipment adds life years to the usability of the equipment. Functional easy to use covers keep your machinery operating at optimal levels free of dust dirt and the daily grime they come into contact with. Need customised colour schemes or branded coverings then we gotcha covered. Our covers can be put on just about anything. We provide tough durable covers for equipment that prevents dirt and dust building up in the engine. This increases the lifetime of the machinery and lowers replacement rotations. We look at it like this, keep your existing machinery protected and you will reduce spend on new mining equipment in the long run. Let us help protect your machinery with our tough mining equipment covers.

Perth’s most trusted Mining cover supplier with extensive history in the North of Western Australia.

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